Friday, 23 June 2017

Tips For A Clean Home

It is rightly said that a clean home is a happy home. Keeping the house clean is essential for the well being of family. When a house is kept dirty, it breeds germs to make the whole family ill. Thus, a clean house is also a healthy house. The other important reason for keeping your house clean is that the proper organization of things gives the house a better look and one may not have to waste time looking for lost objects. Unorganized homes repel visitors and cause discomfort for the members of the family as well. Just as one brushes his/her teeth and bathes oneself every day to keep his/her body clean and germ free, similarly, the house must be cleaned too for a healthy and hygienic living.

Cleaning the house does not sound like a fun task to do but the completion of it gives you immense satisfaction. It is something we have all seen our parents do and have been insisted by them since childhood to clean our rooms periodically, to learn the art of cleaning. The houses that we live in tell about our personality. If your home is unorganized, with things thrown here and there and giving off a bad smell, it depicts that you are an irresponsible person and do not care about your living conditions. Contrary to this, a neat and clean house depicts that the owner is a pretty responsible, caring and fastidious person.

A neat and well kept home is also comfortable to live in. Cleaning the house is not something to be done on an individual level. It the responsibility of each member of the family to collectively do their part, that is, keep their rooms clean and put their things in the proper place. In the city of Singapore where land is a scarce commodity and houses are mostly in the form of high apartments, people keep busy and do not clean their apartments periodically. There are many cleaning services in Singapore that offer professional cleaning services and can be availed easily.

How to clean the house?

When you start to think of cleaning your house, you cannot figure out where to start. But, once you get started, there's no stopping until you have achieved the aim of a clean house.

1. To start any job, one needs the right tools. Therefore, you must equip yourself with the tools you require to clean the various areas of the house. For the bathroom, you require a toilet brush, toilet cleaner and a bathroom spray. For a kitchen, you require broom, drain cleaner, sponge mop, cleaning liquid etc. Similarly, for living rooms as well as bedrooms, you require dusting cloth, duster, vacuum cleaner etc.

2. Once you are done with the tools, you must make a cleaning plan. For that, you can walk in the rooms with a notepad and note down the chores that must be done to change the room into a clean and organized one.

3. Now, you must use your tools to complete the basic tasks first, like sweeping the floors, dusting the windows and shelves etc. These chores take less time and after doing this, you can start putting all the things back in their right places. Then, you can do the rest of the tasks you listed down in your notepad one by one.

4. You can schedule your cleaning routine in many ways. You can either keep cleaning the house daily, or else, you can assign two or more areas for a day in such a way, that the entire house gets cleaned completely in a week. You can call for a family meeting and assign the family members the areas that they can clean to make the task easier.

Home cleaning tips

To achieve an overall pleasant ambience in your house, you must follow few, simple house cleaning tips for every room of your house.

1. You must keep replacing your bed covers at least once a week, to keep the bed clean and to prevent the bed bugs from growing.

2. Do not throw away the clothes on the floor, or bed or keep them hanging on a chair.

3. Bedroom closet can be one the most challenging spots to clean. Remove all clothes and dust the closet with a duster. Hang the clothes in a meaningful order and keep valuables in the safe.

4. The musty mattresses can be cleaned by sprinkling baking soda on it, and then vacuumed.

5. The wooden headboards of the bed can be cleaned by a furniture polish.

1. Antiseptic towels must be used to wipe off the toilet seats and this must be done at least once a day, so as to remove any microorganism building up on it.

2. The tiles, sink and the mirror must also be rinsed with a cloth and liquid cleaner at least once a day. You can also use ammonia, baking soda and warm water in the right proportion to clean the spots.

3. The bad odour of the bathroom can be avoided by placing air freshener blocks.

4. Clean the ceiling with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

5. Clean the toilet by pouring white vinegar on it and let it sit for some time, while you spray vinegar around the seat.

1. Use baking soda mixed with water as a homemade cleaner to mop the tiles and floor.

2. Use vinegar to remove hard water deposits around the sink. Always clean the sink after washing dishes.

3. Keep a bigger trash in the kitchen.

4. The water and oil stains on the walls can be removed by wet cloth and water mixed with dishwashing soap respectively.

Living room:
1. Use a long broom to remove the cobwebs from the ceilings. Dust off the ceiling fans and switch boards.

2. Keep the windows open sometimes during the day to let in fresh air in the room.

3. Keep the newspapers and magazines separately in a neat basket rather than throwing them on the table.

4. Do not spray cleaners on the photographs to clean them, instead clean them with a wet cloth gently.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean and dust off the couches.

6. Dust off the doormats and vacuum the carpets periodically to avoid extreme soiling. In case of extreme soiling of carpets, it is advisable to call for professional cleaners.

It is understandable that keeping the house clean can be a tough task to do. But, to make your house a home, you need to clean it up regularly.