Thursday, 24 August 2017

Important Tips When Hiring a Part Time Maid

Whether you are dealing with a tight schedule or you have just welcomed a new born baby, there comes a time when the services of a part time maid are required. Part time maids can be very crucial when you want to do your chores in a timely and efficient manner. Maids not only relieve you of hefty work but they also provide an irreplaceable input for an agreed fee. It is possible to get great maids in Singapore when you know where to look. When contemplating on getting a maid, there are certain things that you need to put into perspective. Things like familiarizing your maid with safety procedures are critical. Here are a few things other you need to put into perspective when hiring maids.

The Kind of Work You Need To Be Done
A maid can be helpful in many different ways. Some maids are proficient in doing
house chores while others are great in the kitchen. There are also maids who are mainly proficient in taking care of kids, or capable of doing anything required in the house. In order to get the right maid for the job, you need to establish the kind of chores you will need them to do. Once you do this, you can then look for a maid who is qualified for the specific job. It is always best to specifically state your needs when you are hiring a maid so that you do not get disappointed with the services afterward.

Where to Get the Maid
Generally, you can get a good maid by consulting various companies in Singapore. There are several proficient agencies that can connect you to a good worker who will meet your needs. To this extent, you need to look at the companies that have the best reputation in the market. In case you are not comfortable with going straight to a company, the other option available is asking recommendations from friends. It is highly likely that some of your friends know of good helpers or agencies that are reputable in the field. Getting recommendations from people you know is great when you are hiring a maid for the first time.

The Credentials and Experience of the Maid
In addition to seeking services from a reputable company, you also need to do a
background check on the particular maid that you have settled on. Many times, companies keep records of their clients and you can request for such information. You can also do a small interview in order to know the qualifications and experience of the maid. If they have proof of previous work, you can look at it and analyze the kind of feedback they have. Doing a background check is necessary especially when you want to gauge things like the safety record of your service provider.

Rules of Engagement
In general, maids who are provided by a company are trained on what they are expected to do for their clients. In case you have any special ground rules, you can negotiate them with your maid in order to be on the same page. Things like the kind of work they will do and to what extent they do the work are critical. Every household has its own unique settings and rules. You, therefore, need to inform your maid, on what should happen in case of incidents when you are not around.

Pay Agreements
Maids offer their service at a fee. When considering on hiring a maid, you need to get familiar with the cost of the services. The different services offered often come at different prices. Maids who specialize in taking care of children, for instance, receive a different pay compared to those who care for adults. Maids who do household chores are also paid according to their work. Going through the pay structures provided by the sourcing company can help you plan yourself in advance. All agreements must be duly agreed by both you and the company.

The Proximity to the Workplace
Depending on your agreement, you might need to establish the proximity of your maid to your house. Sometimes, part time maids might need to have special time allotted to cater for travel. You need to carefully liaise and come to an agreement on the time you need them. This can help both you and your helper plan in advance for eventualities. While part time maids are not necessarily needed for a significant period during the day, you can consider opting for locals who are near your house for convenience.

Legal Obligations
Just like other professionals, house helps and maids are bound by industry-provided
regulations and terms of service. This is why it is important for you to follow all the processes required when hiring a maid. When coming into agreements for the service, for instance, both you and your maid need to sign a binding contract. Contracts are the only legally recognized means of connecting a client and a service provider. In case you are dealing with a company or sourcing agent, you might find the relevant information with the agency.

Future Agreements
It is no secret that house helps and part time maids might often be required at a
future date. Even after the service you need has expired, it is always great to keep an open window for future work. To this extent, you need to establish some rapport with your maid and the company that you have worked with in case of future needs. You can, for instance, look for any available means of staying in touch with your maid or with the sourcing company. Doing this can save you both time and money in future.

The process of hiring maids is not really complicated when you know what you are
looking for. As a general rule, you need to be aware of your needs and expectations. Knowing these can save you a lot of time and effort when looking for the right part time maid. Whether you are looking for somebody who is proficient in house chores or providing care, using the above tips can help you ensure the safety and reliability of the service.